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Film info: La Dernière Année

Film Information

Original Title La Dernière Année
English Title The last year
Director Peter Hoffmann
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour B&W
Duration 78 min
  • Guión: Peter Hoffmann
  • Fotografía: Peter Hoffmann
  • Montaje: Peter Hoffmann
  • Producción: Michel David


In 1997 Peter Hoffmann made Last Year at a Rasiguères, a documentary about the grape harvest in an area near the Eastern Pyrenees. In 2005, he moved into the home of a Spanish beekeeper family (the Oliva) and used nothing but a Super 8 camera to capture their life and work routines during the honey recollection in Salamanca. The result was called Oliva Oliva and is a fun portrait of the adventures of a farming family, shaped as a road movie. Twenty years later, Hoffmann goes back to the same place to shoot and work in the recollection, pointing his camera (again in Super 8, again with a beautiful texture in the images) to find, just like Agnès Varda, the memories, mystery, and similarities between both activities, joining the personal, artistic, and handcrafting experiences.

Date and Times

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