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Film info: Notre poison quotidien

Film Information

Original Title Notre poison quotidien
English Title Our Daily Poison
Director Marie Monique Robin
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 112 min
  • Guión: Marie-Monique Robin
  • Fotografía: Guillaume Martin
  • Montaje: Françoise Boulègue
  • Producción: Isabelle Morand, Christophe Barreyre


The original title of this documentary refers to Nikolaus Geyrhalter Our Daily Bread (screened in Bafici ’06). And yes, it’s also a documentary about what we eat. But if Geyrhalter was a wordless, high impact depiction of industrial processes that included large scale “farms”, this one by Marie-Monique Robin is filled with words, information about fertilizers, chemicals, and several toxic substances, i.e., “our daily poison”, which we ingest together with our daily bread (bread, fruits, vegetables, and sweetener!) This powerful documentary wants us to know and learn about toxicology: it needs to teach us about components, laws, consequences, precedents, and to make us understand that those who have the obligation to control producers are often paid by producers. Our Daily Poison wants us to leave the theater more informed so we can become better consumers. And it does so by illustrating the issue with a diverse storytelling, thoroughness, a big archive, and interviews; it faces the problem right on and works seriously to pass its energy and concern on to us, so we can help fix it.

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