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Film info: Coup d’État

Film Information

Original Title Coup d’État
English Title Coup d’État
Director Kijû Yoshida
Year 1973
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 105 min
  • Rentarô Mikuni, Yasuyo Matsumura, Yasuo Miyake, Akiko Kurano, Tadahiko Kanno
  • Guión: Minoru Betsuyaku
  • Fotografia: Genkichi Hasegawa
  • Montaje: Yoshiki Oka
  • Producción: Mariko Okada, Kôji Ueno, Kinshirô Kuzui


This last part of the tryptich of “enactments of contemporary history” focuses on Ikki Kita, the ideological leader of Japanese rightist terrorism and military revolts during the 1920s and 1930s. Combining socialism, militarism and Buddhist mysticism, Kita was a true enigma. Yoshida offers a filmic query into the personality and motivations of this complex historical figure, who is impersonated by famous actor Rentarô Mikuni. Central is Kita’s relation to the emperor, that supreme symbol of the Japanese state and identity, through whom he tried to bring about revolution but in whose name he ultimately was put to death. Coup d’État is one of Yoshida’s first non-widescreen films and he skillfully exploited the smaller format by means of impressive modernist camerawork which underscores the claustrophobia of Kita’s paranoia and delusion. He considered the film to be the completion of his work, both in content and style, and took a thirteen-year break in making feature films.


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