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Film info: ¿Y ahora qué?

Film Information

Original Title ¿Y ahora qué?
English Title
Director Julio Cesar Otero Mancini
Year 1987
Duration 9 min


One of the most productive nods of amateur cinema in Argentina was the Peña Foto Cine 8mm Club in La Plata, which organized national festivals of Super 8 filmmakers in the Seventies. One of its most remarkable exponents was Julio César Otero Mancini, who capitalized his amateur origins and became a true independent filmmaker building a body of work as a Super 8 author by inventing his own mechanisms and aesthetics, challenging any technical or expressive limitations of the medium both technical and expressive aspects. Animation, documentary, science fiction, experimental, all at the same time or by separate, Otero Mancini’s short films multiply the audiovisual experience with his radical freedom and incorruptible originality. His biggest creation is probably Boomerang, an answer to the violence of the 1976 military coup made in collaboration with guitarist Skay Beilinson on harmony vocals, an agit-prop cinematographic affront that still surprises for its courage and vigor.

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