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Film info: La Meute

Film Information

Original Title La Meute
English Title The Pack
Director Franck Richard
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Duration 85 min
  • Yolande Moreau, Émilie Dequenne, Benjamin Biolay, Philippe Nahon, Matthias Schoenaerts.
  • Guión: Franck Richard
  • Fotografía: Laurent Barès
  • Montaje: Olivier Gajan
  • Producción: Vérane Frédiani, Franck Ribière


Charlotte (Émilie Dequenne) picks up a young hitchhiker on a deserted road. Max (Benjamin Biolay) seems to be shy and withdrawn but nice, and they end up having a drink in a coffee house by the road. But Max disappears after going to the restroom and no one seems to know anything about him, just as if he had never existed. There’s something behind that place and the people living in it, and soon Charlotte will be trapped in a plot of lies and false doors, but also a ritual of blood, torture and living dead starving for human flesh. With a Hitchcockian point of view, Franck Richard’s first film builds a fun gore feast in the tradition of recent bloody films from the former empire (like À l'intérieur, Frontier(s) or Martyrs). And without neglecting theatrical effect punches, Richard also finds room to concentrate much of his effort on constructing disturbing environments and managing a tone that turns La Meute into a style exercise with lots of superbly controlled chaos.

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