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Film info: Palazzo delle Aquile

Film Information

Original Title Palazzo delle Aquile
English Title
Directors Stefano Savona
Ester Sparatore
Alessia Porto
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 129 min
  • Guión: Stefano Savona, Alessia Porto, Ester Sparatore
  • Fotografía: Stefano Savona, Alessia Porto, Ester Sparatore
  • Montaje: Ilaria Fraioli
  • Producción: Stefano Savona, Penelope Bertoluzzi


Palermo, Sicily. A group of homeless is ejected from a hotel the City had relocated them while searching for a definitive home. The reason: they don’t want to go to the trailer homes they’ve been offered. They’re angry, and they occupy the City Legislature with an idea: they won’t move from there until they get a house. Authorities allow them to stay, and they –with the advice of some militant legislators– sleep on the benches and hallways. As days go by, the internal struggle starts to deteriorate conviction and ideals start to fight against weariness. A team of filmmakers led by Stefano Savona (Carnets d’un combattant kurde, Bafici 2007) stayed inside the building during the weeks of the occupation, with unlimited access to both the occupants –who were in permanent assembly– and the progressive nervousness of City officials. Palazzo delle Aquile shows the comings and goings of the political negotiations from within; it builds up the suspense as they get closer to a definition, and follow the case up to its touching end.

Date and Times

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