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Film info: Détroit: Ville sauvage

Film Information

Original Title Détroit: Ville sauvage
English Title Detroit Wild City
Director Florent Tillon
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Guión: Florent Tillon
  • Fotografía: Florent Tillon, François Jacob
  • Montaje: Florent Tillon, Claire Atherton
  • Producción: Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin


It went from being an automobile industry Mecca to the “American capital of murder”; from the fourth biggest city in the country to one that doesn’t even make it to the top 10 (and its population is still decreasing); from the rock and roll city Kiss wrote songs to, to this wild one the foreign and estranged camera of Florent Tillon observes with surprise. Devastated by the invisible tragedies of capitalism, Detroit doesn’t need special effects to look like the setting of a post-apocalyptical film: hawks nest on its abandoned skyscrapers, vegetation grows in broken sidewalks and carless parking lots, and wild dogs own the streets. The Detroit depicted by Tillon in desolating air shots and I Am Legend-like tours is a cruel metaphor for the failure of the American dream and the industrial faith in eternal progress its name once stood for. But among the ruins, something other than weeds begins to grow: small, self-sufficient communities that grow their own food and still believe the future doesn’t necessarily have to be an extension of the present.

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