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Film info: How Are You

Film Information

Original Title How Are You
English Title How Are You
Director Jannik Splidsboel
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 70 min
  • Michael Elmgreen, Ingar Dragset.
  • Guión: Jannik Splidsboel
  • Fotografía: Bøje Lomholdt
  • Montaje: Mette Esmark, Thomas Papapetros
  • Producción: Henrik Underbjerg, Stefan Frost


Danish Michael Elmgreen and Norwegian Ingar Dragset were meant to cross their paths: they used to live in the same building, although they fell in love before actually knowing they were neighbors. The coincidences don’t stop there, as they both had a taste for the arts: a perfect synchrony was forged. And so, they formed a loving and creative couple that would play an important role in the art field of the last decade. Jannik Splidsboel gets right in the middle of the couple in order to show the unique way they conceive their pieces. Their work stands out among the contemporary landscape because of their many aesthetic and ideological breakthroughs, starting from a form of collective creation that never disguises the lover status of the artists’, whether this is part of the pieces’ themes or not. Out of the Berlin bunker they moved into in the late Nineties, the couple mixes, decomposes, and ritualizes fashion culture, homoerotic desire, political denunciation, paradoxical architecture, and other forms that trigger sensitivities open to conceptual and sensorial experimenting.

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