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Film info: Anti Gas Skin

Film Information

Original Title Anti Gas Skin
English Title Anti Gas Skin
Directors Kim Sun
Kim Gok
Sun World
Year 2010
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 123 min
  • Jo Yeong-jin, Jang Liu, Park Ji-hwan, Patrick Smith
  • Guión: Kim Gok, Kim Sun
  • Fotografía: Yoon Young-so
  • Montaje: Kwon Hyo-rim
  • Producción: Choi Doo-young


Like Geo-Lobotomy, Anti-Gas Skin also features a serial killer. However, now the action does not take place in a very small town, but in Seoul. It’s an election day in the South Korean capital, and four people are related to and by the killer who wears the gas mask: Miju, a young were-wolf (with hairy cheeks); Bosik, a cop who fancies himself as a superhero; Patrick, an American marine; and Ju Sanggeun, the favorite among the candidates for mayor. There’s no peace within the characters, the city, or this cinema of unease by the Kims, who are enraged chroniclers of contemporary society and make use of exploding genres (Anti-Gas Skin is an ultra-rarified thriller) to later pick up the pieces and put together artifacts as disturbing as fascinating. The intriguing and strange features in the Kims’ nightmare universe don’t feel fake but genuine, and charged with a satirical social critique; they are in good health, and empowered by the energy they get from not binding themselves to any pre-wrote recipe.

Date and Times

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