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Film info: Construcción de un mundo

Film Information

Original Title Construcción de un mundo
English Title Construction of a World
Director Guillermo Costanzo
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Guión: Guillermo Costanzo
  • Fotografía: José María Gómez
  • Montaje: Martín Jakuto
  • Producción: Marcelo Altmark, Tamara Kosacoff, Guillermo Costanzo


Marta Minujín’s world is mapped with the stroke of a nervous hand that has no established territories, either mental or material; that’s why it’s hard to grasp the full dimension of her life/work without falling in the mere act of portraying an artist as an eccentric character, which is the simplistic way the media multiply her image. Guillermo Costanzo’s documentary goes through the multiple layers of the Minujín experience, revolving around the past and present life of someone who challenges pre-digested ideas about art and life. And one important virtue of the film is that it never turns didactic, because there’s no guided tour that could protect one’s hands when placed on the fire of La menesunda creator. Instead, there are whirls, labyrinths, images, and objects that are furtive, sensorial, intelligible, ephemeral, and constantly pushing towards a vanishing point. From Buenos Aires to Paris, from Cali to New York, from the ‘60s to this millennium she had already

anticipated, the camera follows Minujín as she goes back through her childhood in Super 8, all the way forward up to her own death, imagined as an art piece and almost like a tribute to Alberto Greco, his artistic sidekick in their lively suicidal aesthetics.

Date and Times

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