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Film info: Los Marziano

Film Information

Original Title Los Marziano
English Title The Marziano
Director Ana Katz
Year 2010
Format DCP
Colour Color
Duration 90 min
  • Guillermo Francella, Mercedes Morán, Arturo Puig, Rita Cortese
  • Guión: Ana Katz, Daniel Katz
  • Fotografía: Julián Azpeteguia
  • Montaje: Andrés Tambornino
  • Producción: Oscar Kramer, Hugo Sigman


The different lives and social status of brothers Luis and Juan Marziano are not the only things that are keeping them apart. And although their sister Delfina and Luis’ wife Nena are both trying to bring them together, that looks unlikely. But the simultaneity of Luis falling into a mysterious hole on a golf court and Juan being suddenly unable to read seems to unite them. On that base, Ana Katz returns to the issue of family –whether it’s broken by distance and unsettled affairs (like in her debut film Musical Chairs) or rather by the eagerness to have one which leads to adopting a surrogate (A Stray Girlfriend)– but addressed here in a dramatic tone, with a less squinting humor. The apparent lightness of this comedy –comedians Puig and Francella deliver darker, more introspective performances– mutates thanks to its tone, in which the past emerges from things unsaid and hints an ambiguity that makes Nena demand Luis to prove her she actually picked the right Marziano… With a more classic storytelling despite the story’s double viewpoint, Ana Katz avoids any highlight of local habits and leaves the conclusion open for a conflict that apparently won’t be settled with a simple lunch celebration…


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