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Film info: Del punto a la forma

Film Information

Original Title Del punto a la forma
English Title From the point to the shape
Director Martín Blaszko
Year 1955
Format Betacam
Colour B&W
Duration 15 min
  • Dirección, Guión, Fotografía, Montaje, Producción: Martin Blaszko


This short film is Martin Blaszko’s only incursion in cinema so far. He shot it alone around 1953 (except for some shots he took with the help of his wife Eugenia). In it, Blaszko uses animations, perspective games, and other advantages of contemporary art to discuss the geometric laws that govern most of his work, as well as the issues he still gets obsessed with, like bipolarity, monumentality, and the city as a source of aesthetic emotion. At times, the resulting film produces images of a purity and elegance comparable to the visual experiments made by his countrymen Walter Ruttmann or Hans Richter.

Date and Times

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