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Film info: Weekend

Film Information

Original Title Weekend
English Title Weekend
Director Andrew Haigh
Year 2011
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 96 min
  • Tom Cullen, Chris New
  • Guión: Andrew Haigh
  • Fotografía: Ula Pontikos
  • Montaje: Andrew Haigh
  • Producción: Tristan Goligher


Weekend love stories might always be part of that intermediate genre between comedy and drama called romantic dramedies. Andrew Haigh takes this subgenre to the last consequences by kicking off with Russell’s Friday night visit to a gay club where he meets Glen, with whom he starts a Saturday & Sunday relationship that yet has the intensity of a long range emotional shock. In a serene Nottingham, their intimacy seems to float away and enlighten that deserted urban location. Portraying contemporary gay culture with no shame or stylization and without falling into any trite label of marginality or glamour, the film prioritizes a fling’s everyday quality, like spontaneous dialogues spoken with a morning voice or electric sexual desire as it discovers someone else’s body. But it never takes the shortcut of typical habit-portraying or the conventional picture of temporary love affairs.

Date and Times

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