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Film info: The Turin Horse

Film Information

Original Title The Turin Horse
English Title The Turin Horse
Director Béla Tarr
Year 2010
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 146 min
  • Erika Bók, János Derzsi, Mihály Kormos, Ricsi.
  • Guión: Béla Tarr, László Krasznahorkai
  • Fotografía: Fred Kelemen
  • Montaje: Ágnes Hranitzky
  • Producción: Gábor Téni, Marie-Pierre Macia, Juliette Lepoutre, Ruth Waldburger, Martin Hagemann


Béla Tarr’s new film challenge starts with a famous incident in the history of philosophy: in 1889, in Turin, Friedrich Nietzsche ran to protect a horse from the lashes given by its owner, in what was later considered the first episode of his madness. Tarr exposes the facts and then makes something clear: his film is not about Nietzsche, it’s about the horse. Through six days with an even more austere slowness than usual, the Hungarian filmmaker shows the routine life of the horse’s owners, a middle-aged man and his daughter living in a humble house. We witness them as they endure a storm with the typical stoicism of country people. They welcome a man who’s looking to buy something to drink; they’re observed with disdain by some gypsies. Following the historical moment it unwarily took part in, the horse has stopped eating, and the owner’s violent behavior gets worse. But it’s impossible not to see the featured events through the figure of Nietzsche and everything that happened afterwards: that moment in which a storm lands over the world, and a world ruled by men of reason starts to loose it.

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