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Film info: Fix ME

Film Information

Original Title Fix ME
English Title Fix ME
Director Raed Andoni
Year 2010
Colour Color
Duration min
  • Guión: Raed Andoni
  • Fotografía: Philip Zumbrunn, Aldo Mugnier
  • Montaje: Tina Baz
  • Producción: Palmyre Badinier, Nicolas Wadimoff,
  • Nadia Turincev, Julie Gayet


Director Raed Andoni has a headache. It’s not one of those common little pains you can ease off

with an aspirin. No: Andoni’s head is about to explode, he can’t concentrate; he stares at the blank

screen of his computer. His doctor suggests psychological reasons, so there goes this grumpy

Andoni –his family points out he was like that before the migraine– to get fixed in therapy. That’s

what Fix ME is about: therapy sessions filmed through a window; conversations with relatives and

old friends; car trips interrupted by checkpoints and an ominous wall. Because we’re in the West

Bank, and if living here is not enough reason to get a headache, it is for politics to inevitably get

into every conversation, anecdote, and memory. And is also enough to place Andoni near Nanni

Moretti, not just in the most evident way, but also because of his ability to turn everyday absurdity

into sweet-sour comedy, or visual poetry. You can see it for yourself when he drinks beer with a

duck-shaped floater beside him, “on sea level” in the middle of the desert.

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