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Film info: El hombre que baila

Film Information

Original Title El hombre que baila
English Title Man Who Dances
Directors Pablo Pintor
Sergio Aisenstein
Year 2010
Duration min
  • Héctor Mayoral, Elsa María, Benicio Pérez, Héctor Sepulvera, Néstor Lombardo
  • Guión: Sergio Aisenstein
  • Fotografía: Nicolás Thedossiu
  • Montaje: Sergio Aisenstein, Pablo Pintor
  • Producción: Daniel Lino Pérez


How does one make a film about the life of a dancer, who is also the greatest tango dancer ever? For Sergio Aisenstein and Pablo Pintor, directors of El hombre que baila, the portrait of Hector Mayoral shouldn’t be a straight line but one that features cuts, twists, and twirls. Hence, Mayoral goes back to the past (his own, his friends’, the Argentine people’s) and follows Gardel through an oblique Buenos Aires (not an obviously tango-spirited one). Hence, Manal songs cut through tango but also continue it. Hence, the dancer reveals himself as a great storyteller, someone who is right at the heart of the tango essence and is capable of observing it from the outside in order to analyze and interpret it. Hence, the film creates an excessive, shocking, flooding universe. And hence, we get to a moving and masterly ending. We see Mayoral dancing in the past while today’s Mayoral comments on it, reaching a very high cinematographic moment. Seeing (and listening) is believing.

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