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Film info: Everybody Says Long Live Bobby Holly

Film Information

Original Title Everybody Says Long Live Bobby Holly
English Title Everybody Says Long Live Bobby Holly
Director Fritz Schultze (Leo Lagos)
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 28 min
  • Neil Neuman
  • Director: Fritz Schultze
  • Guión: Carl Schultze
  • Producción: Fritz Schultze, Carl Schultze


Back when Latin rock and roll still had acne and travelled on an airship while in the US was already mature and had the impulse of a jet, Uruguay witnessed the rise of Bobby Holly, an unknown pioneer whose late recognition was long overdue. The waiting is over now thanks to this rockumentary by Fritz Schultze, which makes enough noise to break the shell covering the myth of this artist and writer of luminous songs, back from the time Uruguayan musicians’ energy was very low. And this foreign director focuses on the work of Holly by pointing out its influence on Zitarrosa and other big names of Uruguayan music. During the years when rock used to impose new dance moves, Holly personified partying and outrage, but also the melancholy and tragedy of a new musical culture. At least that’s what Schultze says, because others believe there never was someone named Holly, and that this lie is a product of a night of too much whisky. Others say Schultze himself doesn’t exist and the total farce may have been planned by Roberto Hammond, a radio critic and author of a book about Uruguayan rock, or Leo Lagos, the creator of The Supersónicos, among other reckless things.

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