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Film info: Como si fuera el fin

Film Information

Original Title Como si fuera el fin
English Title
Director Uzi Sabah
Year 2007
Duration 7 min


From an exploration of the different uses of Super 8, from the multiple possibilities offered by found footage to in-frame editing as an audiovisual ready-made, Uzi Sabah developed in recent years a body of work that manages to cross over several styles and genres to become a territory for encounters and impacts. There is a tendency towards syncopated movement, editing breaks which are set on a stray adventure. But there’s also a concentration of images that insist on repeating themselves or show small variations, and there’s work on the celluloid exposing its material side, its physical dimension. Sabah made and unmade to create a coexisting border for different languages, sometimes extending the potential of music videos, others estranging the documentary perspective, but almost always looking for a way to experiment with textures, the insubordinate twinkling light, and the spontaneous framings of amateur cinema.

Date and Times

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