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Film info: Archivo expandido

Film Information

Original Title Archivo expandido
English Title Expanded Archive
Director Magdalena Arau
Year 2010
Duration 55 min


Surgeries, military parades, get-togethers, folklore concerts, soccer players, dogs, shoes, nocturnal visits, deserted cities, time-caused stains on the film. A former president of the Foto Cine 8mm Club in La Plata, Tato Rocca kept a huge archive of diverse film footage. Many are a record of his work as a cameraman; others are of unknown origin. There’s no labels, no references. Seeing the material raises the question of who is behind the camera, what intentions hide behind those apparently unconnected and dispersed images; what world are these films traces of. Magdalena Arau’s work on the images pushes us to establish links and even search for hypothesis; somehow formulating a possible story. And to expose ourselves to the accidental experience of films about to break, which dilute the image until there’s nothing left and disintegrate showing their existence in time.

Date and Times

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