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Film info: Huérfanos

Film Information

Original Title Huérfanos
English Title Orphans
Year 2010
Format Super8
Duration 55 min


The word “orphans” started to be used in connection to the film universe in the Nineties. The term designates all those films “abandoned” by their creators, or those of unknown origin or author. Alone, lost, orphaned. In any format, anywhere; fragmented, broken, these films step out to the light in order to surprise and disturb us; to create mysteries for potential spectators; to demand care and attention; to have someone watching them so they can exist again. Records of old medical procedures, family scenes, left out scenes from commercial films, screen tests, advertising spots, educational films, etc. Everything is possible in the can-shaped Pandora boxes that contain them. In the case of Super 8 materials, the abandonment seems double since they’re the smallest, most fragile, and ignored format, even by those who work in preserving these kinds of films. This program gathers works of disperse and intriguing sources, in which the format as common denominator is reduced, and there’s no author reference.

Date and Times

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