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Film info: The Women in the Mirror

Film Information

Original Title The Women in the Mirror
English Title The Women in the Mirror
Director Kijû Yoshida
Year 2002
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 124 min
  • Mariko Okada, Yoshiko Tanaka, Sae Issiki, Hideo Murota, Mirai Yamamoto
  • Guión: Kijû Yoshida
  • Fotografía: Masao Nakabori
  • Montaje: Kijû Yoshida, Hiroaki Morishita
  • Producción: Akira Narisawa, Matsuo Takahash, Philippe Jacquier


Yoshida returned to fiction filmmaking after a fifteen-year interval with this “family drama” that takes on the important theme of the atomic bomb, still haunting many Japanese lives until this very day. Three generations of women question their identity but, with the atomic dome of Hiroshima in the background, have to admit that there can be no definitive answer to their query, due to the irrational character of the atomic bombing. All Yoshida’s style elements are conspicuously present in this strong late work by the almost 70-year old director. While many admirers of his films prefer to speak of “his most recent work” rather than “his last work”, Yoshida himself has mentioned that he can very well live with the idea of this film becoming his testament. The Women in the Mirror brought him to Cannes and sparked a reappraisal of his oeuvre in his homeland and France. It also marked the renewal of his collaboration with Mariko Okada after three decades.

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