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Film info: Yuki & Nina

Film Information

Original Title Yuki & Nina
English Title Yuki & Nina
Directors Nobuhiro Suwa
Hippolyte Girardot
Year 2009
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 92 min
  • Noë Sampy, Arielle Moutel, Marilyne Canto, Hippolyte Girardot,
  • Tsuyu Shimizu.
  • GUIÓN: Hippolyte Girardot, Nobuhiro Suwa
  • FOTOGRAFÍA: Josée Deshaies
  • MONTAJE: Laurence Briaud,
  • Hisako Suwa.
  • PRODUCCIÓN: Kristina Larsen,
  • Masa Sawada


The director of M/Other and A Perfect Couple teams up with Hippolyte Girardot in a story some will consider a detour from Suwa’s career, while some will see it as a short cut. The idea is simple: two girls go to the same school; one of them is French, and the other has a French father (Girardot himself) and an Asian mother; Yuki’s parents split up, and her mother decides to take her back to Japan with her. The girls are inconsolable, but there isn’t much they can do about it. Until a dense forest provides a hinge to the story, but also to Suwa’s cinema; a narrative choice that, although it can be criticized, it’s precisely what makes Yuki & Nina something highly original. It’s been a particularly good year for films featuring kids, that is, a good year to see kids in films for the grown up audience. Many of them are part of this year’s Bafici: La Pivellina, The Girl, Alamar… Like them, Yuki & Nina works on the child figure keeping itself away from the typical family movie: the kids in these films are incorporated in some unusual strategies; and this film by Suwa and Girardot –which seems like the most orthodox one of all that group– ends up being one of the most daring ones.

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