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Film info: Finisterrae

Film Information

Original Title Finisterrae
English Title Finisterrae
Director Sergio Caballero
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Pau Nubiola, Pavel Lukiyanov, Santí Serra, Yuri Mykhaylychenko
  • Guión: Sergio Caballero
  • Fotografía: Eduard Grau
  • Montaje: Martí Roca
  • Producción: Lourdes Español, Jordi Picazos


¿Where do ghosts live? Finisterrae might not have the answer, but it does offer a delirious trip following the erratic steps of two ghostly figures taken out of some cartoons: specters made out of people covered by white sheets with two big black eyes. There’s some horseback-road movie features mixed with Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost humor in there, but Sergio Caballero seems to be proposing, at the same time, a sort of satire and tribute to a certain tendency of independent minimalist films about characters living adrift. Truth is characters set out on a crusade that communes with an impressive, half real, half fictitious landscape that takes some elements from Buñuel’s The Milky Way, the Monty Python’s search for the Grail and Albert Serra’s undaunted, poetic and utopian travelers. But Finisterrae also carries enough glacial insanity to stand as an example of very personal and free cinema.


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