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Film info: Verano de Goliat

Film Information

Original Title Verano de Goliat
English Title Summer of Goliath
Director Nicolás Pereda
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 76 min
  • Teresa Sánchez, Gabino Rodríguez, Juana Rodríguez, Harold Torres, Oscar Saavedra Miranda
  • Guiòn: Nicolás Pereda
  • Fotografìa: Alejandro Coronado
  • Montaje: Nicolás Pereda
  • Producción: Nicolás Pereda


In 2008, Pereda directed an awarded short film, Entrevista con la tierra, which lies at the origin of Summer of Goliath, a stylistic continuation that comes to make another good use of a scene from that short. But more important is the fact that Pereda continues his portrait of a small rural community basing it on two obsessive issues that are, actually, just one: death and abandonment –i.e. the longing for the ones you love who are gone–, and playing with the confusion between documentary and fiction. In Entrevista con la tierra, it was the accidental death of a boy and the figure of the father who had left his kids. Summer of Goliath starts with interview to two boys, one of whom people call Goliat and say he has murdered his girlfriend. However, the protagonist role lies on Teresa, the abandoned wife who tries to ease her pain and find an explanation for her husband’s actions. When she dictates a letter to her son over and over, we don’t know if Pereda is trying to pay tribute or parody Ventura’s litany in Colossal Youth.


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