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Film info: Daniel Schmid, le chat qui pense

Film Information

Original Title Daniel Schmid, le chat qui pense
English Title Daniel Schmid: The Cat That Thinks
Directors Pascal Hofmann
Benny Jaberg
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 83 min
  • Daniel Schmid, Ingrid Caven, Werner Schroeter, Bulle Ogier, Renato Berta
  • Fotografìa: Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg, Filip Zumbrunn
  • Montaje: Pascal Hofmann, Benny Jaberg
  • Producciòn: Marcel Hoehn


Unlike the ones of many of his contemporaries, the work of filmmaker Daniel Schmid is still practically unknown in our country. Born in Switzerland and trained in Germany in the late Sixties, next to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Rosa von Praunheim and Werner Schroeter, Schmid made around fifteen feature films, as well as theater plays and operas. This documentary –in which the filmmaker was expected to participate until his death in 2006 turned the project into a tribute– reveals the Schimd universe freely, half way between the appreciation of his art and the interest for the more human, everyday details of his unending biography. Using old interviews, testimonies from many of his collaborators, and fragments of his films, the story unfolds as a faithful document of a chaotic and exciting life, determined to fight the traditional external image of the Swiss society to the last consequences.


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