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Film info: La Vengeance d'une femme

Film Information

Original Title La Vengeance d'une femme
English Title A Woman's Revenge
Director Jacques Doillon
Year 1990
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 133 min
  • Isabelle Huppert, Béatrice Dalle, Jean-Louis Murat, Laurence Côte, Sebastian Roché
  • Guión: Jacques Doillon, Jean-François Goyet
  • Fotogrfía: Patrick Blossier
  • Montaje: Catherine Quesemand
  • Produción: Alain Sarde


Two women are left in mourning after a man dies. That’s how this love triangle inspired by Fiódor Dostoyevski’s The Eternal Husband is initially sketched out. After André’s funeral, Cécile and Suzi meet in Paris and they both have a lot to say to the other: the wife and the lover of the same man share a pain that, far from setting them against each other, it seems to unite them. Cécile welcomes her husband’s lover and slowly becomes her pillar, and so, what at first seemed like a fair exchange slowly becomes a dependent relationship. Suzi places all of her trust in that woman who takes the opportunity to influence her unprotected psyche, leading her to believe she’s to blame for the death of her lover. Right in the confusion inside Suzi’s troubled mind is where Cécile will find the best place to carry out her revenge.

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