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Film info: El eco de las canciones

Film Information

Original Title El eco de las canciones
English Title The Echo of Songs
Director Antonia Rossi
Year 2010
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 71 min
  • Angélica Riquelme
  • Guión: Antonia Rossi, Roberto Contador
  • Fotografía: Antonia Rossi, Pedro Micelli
  • Montaje: Antonia Rossi, Roberto Contador, Santiago González
  • Producción: Leonora González


There’s something as atypical as amazing in this film by Italian-Chilean director Antonia Rossi. Something that’s not necessarily related to the way in which she uses the first person to build her viewpoint in this openly confessional story about the paradoxes in her identity, a result of having been born in Italy during her parents’ exile. Neither it is related to the storytelling’s use of images –her own and other people’s– and other sources (from childhood cartoons to Chilean news shows during the Pinochet dictatorship), which articulate a structure with a loose and multiple power of evocation. No. What’s really surprising about El eco de las canciones –one of those very small great films– is the intelligence it uses to describe the accumulation of ideas that takes place when one tries to coherently explain intimate and obsessively recurrent thoughts. And as if that wasn’t enough, it also builds a steady map of that entire process.

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