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Film info: La terraza

Film Information

Original Title La terraza
English Title
Director Leopoldo Torre Nilsson
Year 1963
Format 35 mm
Colour B&W
Duration 90 min
  • Graciela Borges, Leonardo Favio, Belita, Héctor Pellegrini, Marcela López Rey.
  • Guión: Beatriz Guido, Leopoldo Torre Nilsson, Ricardo Luna, Ricardo Becher
  • Fotografía: Ignacio Souto
  • Montaje: Jacinto Cascales


Leopoldo Torre Nilsson was already a renowned filmmaker when he released The Terrace in 1963. An unavoidable referent for the entire generation of filmmakers that sprung in that decade, he was both a promoter and defender of that new independent film production. However, the work of these young men –David Kohon, Rodolfo Kuhn and Lautaro Murúa, among others– was very different from his most celebrated films like The Party Is Over or La casa del ángel. The Terrace produced a sort of inverse movement, since it was Torre Nilsson himself who deliberately approached the films of that new generation. Hence the film’s echoes of a young universe charged with turbulence and uncertainty, and that similar unease for the fate of those who will have to, on one hand, begin their own path in a country that doesn’t provide them with a lot of securities –not even for these young bourgeois–, and on the other, stand against their parents. Right from the film’s initial situation –some young people trapped on a building’s rooftop– the story carries a masterly insistence as it goes through that tension, which is no other than the clash between generations.


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