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Film info: The World According to Ion B.

Film Information

Original Title The World According to Ion B.
English Title The World According to Ion B.
Director Alexander Nanau
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 61 min
  • Guión: Alexander Nanau
  • Fotografía: Alexander Nanau
  • Montaje: Mircea Olteanu
  • Producción: Andrei Cretulescu


There’s too much garbage in Ion Barladeanu’s marginal universe; he lives surrounded by the wastes from other people’s leisure times, gathering mostly magazines, newspapers, and discarded books. He’s not a cartonero, because the essential survival trick for sexagenarian Barladeanu is turning all that garbage into pieces just as beautiful as any other example of modern art, although he doesn’t sell his work, and chooses instead to cherish it a personal aesthetic that helps him build his own order within the chaos of the world. You could say he’s a collage virtuoso since he makes rectangles with clippings, but he refers to those pieces as films –and he might be right. Inside every framing by Barladeanu there’s a story that also features characters, some of them played by famous actors and actresses who are stolen away from the magazines. Alexander Nanau’s microscopic eye documents Barladeanu’s lumpen experience –his life on a garbage dump turned into a creation process– and paints a rather humorous and very disconcerting radical portrait of the modern artist.

Date and Times

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