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Film info: La cruz del sur

Film Information

Original Title La cruz del sur
English Title The Southern Cross
Director Patricio Guzmán
Year 1992
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Ameyaltzin Fuentes, Rafael Cortés, Martín Lasalle, Faustino Espinoza, Fernando Ulloa
  • Guión: Patricio Guzmán
  • Fotografía: Antonio Ríos
  • Montaje: Marcelo Navarro
  • Producción: Patricio Guzmán


After making the documentary En nombre de Dios in Chile, I became aware of the subversive thinking the Catholic Church had in the 80s, which was sustained by a minority of theologians, bishops, and priests from some Latin American countries. In those years, the Theology of Liberation stated that “Cristian salvation in a country is not possible without political or social liberation”. They were accused of Marxism and viciously persecuted by Pope Wojtila. However, these leaders from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Guatemala managed to send their revolutionary message across the world. Together with them, I wanted to tell the continent‘s story using faith as the lead theme. I wanted to portray the religious spirit of the population and reveal the creativity of indigenous, mixed-race and black people against the Gospel. The film shows pre-Columbian myths, the arrival of the white man, and the syncretism that followed. Like those big Mexican murals, the film shows –with virtually no comment– the huge and sacred Latin American territory, where millions of human beings find protection and shelter.


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