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Film info: Fading

Film Information

Original Title Fading
English Title Fading
Director Olivier Zabat
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 65 min
  • Fotografía: Olivier Zabat
  • Montaje: Emmanuelle Manck
  • Producción: Olivier Zabat


As they make their routine patrol inspection of a hospital basement, two guards are faced with strange noises that challenge them in an even stranger way. At the same time, a wandering punk who covered his body with tattoos and piercings takes pictures of himself with a cell phone, digitally deforming his radical aesthetics. Filters between those two situations are all the mysteries that sustain Olivier Zabat’s film, an audiovisual trip where there’s no distraction that could tear down the film’s immersive journey into the most challenging uncertainty. Featuring two worlds that come into a sort of friction and never reveal their full connections, Fading tries out new forms of editing (realist, poetic, technological) while inviting us to undo the traditional ways we see films. In the search for an alternative, the anguish of meaning, and the aesthetic reinvention, Zabar places his camera in order to contemplate everything from the best possible angle.

Date and Times

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