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Film info: Ponette

Film Information

Original Title Ponette
English Title
Director Jacques Doillon
Year 1995
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 97 min
  • Victoire Thivisol, Delphine Schiltz, Matiaz Bureau Caton, Léopoldine Serre, Marie Trintignant.
  • Guión: Jacques Doillon
  • Fotografía: Caroline Champetier
  • Montaje: Jacqueline Lecompte
  • Producción: Alain Sarde


Ponette is a four year-old girl faced with what is probably one of the hardest situations for a kid: the death of her mother. The girl, who survived the same fatal accident, is left by her father at her Aunt Claire’s house with her cousins Matiaz and Delphine. Her family, of course, doesn’t find it easy to explain to her what happened and where her mother is, so, faced with Ponette’s doubts, they try out answers that seek to comfort her. That’s how one day her aunt tells her about Jesus and the resurrection. This idea springs big hopes in the little one, who believes it is possible for her mother to come back any time, so she starts spending most of her time waiting for this to happen. With the help of her friend Ada, they will try to establish a connection with God together, hoping he will listen to them and return Ponette’s mother to Earth. Victoire Thivisol’s stunning performance in this difficult role made her the youngest winner of the Best Actress award given by the Venice Film Festival.


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