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Film info: World Champion

Film Information

Original Title World Champion
English Title World Champion
Director Moonika Siimets
Year 2009
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 36 min
  • Director: Moonika Siimets
  • Guión: Moonika Siimets, Aivo Spitsonok
  • Fotografía: Ants Martin Vahur
  • Montaje: Andreas Lenk
  • Producción: Aivo Spitsonok, Mari Kallas
  • Contacto de Producción: Osakond


Octogenarian Herbert Sepp grew up in the first Estonian Republic. Later, during his teenage years he was taken to Siberia, and then later he went back to his homeland, following the same path for many of the young people from his generation. But the coincidence’s stop there, because Sepp life’s is not pretty “normal”: he’s the best senior athlete in his country. A pole vault specialist and silver medal winner in several European competitions, his life is completely dedicated to sport, and remains as active as it was half a century ago. Far from the genre’s common places, Siimets’ documentary doesn’t depict the man Sepp once was with nostalgia; instead, he chooses to follow the man he still is, while he trains for a competition in Finland that could mean for him nothing less than a world record. World Champion’s lucid focus on work instead of reflection makes it the best possible defense against old age.

Date and Times

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