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Film info: Martin Blaszko III

Film Information

Original Title Martin Blaszko III
English Title Martin Blaszko III
Director Ignacio Masllorens
Year 2011
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 80 min
  • Martin Blaszko, Mariano Dal Verme, Gabriel Najmanovich, Ernesto Cozzi, Magalí Jajamowicz
  • Guión: Ignacio Masllorens
  • Fotografía: Ignacio Masllorens
  • Montaje: Sofía Di Paola
  • Producción: Ignacio Masllorens


Martin Blaszko was born in Berlin, in 1920, but he moved to Buenos Aires in 1939 and lives here ever since. A writer, painter, and draftsman, he developed both abstract and concrete art styles, and his pieces have been shown in many museums and exhibitions worldwide. One of those exhibitions in Buenos Aires is precisely the origin of Martin Blaszko III, the film. And a series of precise and concrete fixed shots set the basis for showing how the exhibition is set up (the preparations, the people involved, the discussions), but also for unveiling both the personality and relationships the artist establishes with his environment and the place where he works. A culmination of the trilogy initiated by the short films Martin Blaszko I and Martin Blaszko II (which are also screened in this edition of Bafici), this third piece closes up the portrait of an artist who chose Buenos Aires as his source of inspiration, and it does so in a way that’s as elegant and touching as the very same art pieces it features.

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