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Film info: Football Is God

Film Information

Original Title Football Is God
English Title Football Is God
Director Ole Bendtzen
Year 2010
Format Digibeta
Colour Color
Duration 53 min
  • Guión: Ole Bendtzen
  • Fotografía: Henrik Bohn Ipsen
  • Montaje: Niels Pagh Andersen
  • Producción: Signe Byrge Sørensen, Anne Köhncke


Romario said: "I've played for Barcelona and Brazil all over the world at all the major stadiums, but I have never experienced anything like playing at La Bombonera against Boca Juniors. It's the closest you can get to hell". The Danish documentary Football Is God follows three Boca fans: 1. Pablo, the super-fanatic Maradonian; 2. “La Tía”, a lady who treats Boca players as if they were her nephews, bringing them candy and giving them presents on their birthdays; 3. Hernán, a poisoned fan for whom the word passionate is an understatement: his voice breaks when he remembers a goal by Mastrángelo decades ago. Hernán, however, is capable of making an analytical observation of his passion, and we even see him in therapy sessions talking about his fanaticism. Pablo, for his part, joins the Maradonian Church, and we get to witness their rituals. And “La Tía” buys some underwear for Martín Palermo…and we get to see Palermo. Football is God is a passionate tour through passion. And through the Bombonera. And through a portion of the Argentine psyche in the eyes of a foreigner.

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