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Film info: Abuelos

Film Information

Original Title Abuelos
English Title
Director Carla Valencia Dávila
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 93 min
  • Guión: Carla Valencia Dávila
  • Fotografía: Daniel Andrade , Diego Falconí
  • Montaje: Carla Valencia Dávila, Danielle Fillios
  • Producción: Alfredo Mora Manzano


One doesn’t need to know botany –actually it’s enough to look carefully into one’s own crop– to realize family trees always have unexpected sprouts all over, from the roots to the newest leaf. In Abuelos –an intimate journal for a documentary search– Carla Valencia Dávila dialogs with her family’s past in order to find rare synchronicities which outline a historical time. On one hand, there’s the Ecuadorian grandfather Remo, who in his eagerness for research tried to find the formula for immortality. On a different track, there’s Juan, the Chilean communist grandfather who fought against Pinochet’s dictatorship. The director develops a deep flashback on her own ancestors and unravels her personal origins, although she also ends up drawing the features of several Latin American generations. And she even unintentionally makes a short circuit that seems to result from crossing certain stripped wires from the literatures of Rodolfo Walsh and Gabriel García Márquez.

Date and Times

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