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Film info: Noche sin fortuna

Film Information

Original Title Noche sin fortuna
English Title Unfortunate Night
Directors Francisco Forbes
Álvaro Cifuentes
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color + B&W
Duration 86 min
  • Leonardo Múrua, Luis Ospina, Carlos Mayolo, Guillermo Lemos, Patricia Restrepo
  • Guión: Francisco Forbes, Álvaro Cifuentes
  • Fotografía: Francisco Forbes, Álvaro Cifuentes
  • Montaje: Francisco Forbes
  • Producción: Francisco Forbes, Álvaro Cifuentes, Florence Ortiz


Under a clouded sky over valleys and mountains, Guillermo Lemos –one of the precocious kids who, like his sister Clarisol, fascinated Andrés Caicedo– travels by car from Chipayá to Cali, and shows –like he did a decade before in Un ángel del pantano– an intrepid attitude towards death, as he details the anecdote about a two-bullet Russian roulette challenge he participated in, which fate led him to survive and now remember. Through several encounters with close friends and the unveiling of archive material (including footage, photos, letters and writings) Noche sin fortuna reconstructs the memories of Caicedo’s most intense years: his first writings on film, heartbreaking love affairs, connections with drugs, his obsession with Hollywood films, and his creative machinery, which in his case was also very destructive. Because we shouldn’t forget that talking about Caicedo inevitably means to reflect on the paradox of suicide as the end of a constantly emerging life.

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