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Film info: The Suburbanators

Film Information

Original Title The Suburbanators
English Title
Director Gary Burns
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 87 min
  • Joel McNichol, Stephen Spendor, Stewart Burdett, Jacob Banigan, Jihad Traya.
  • Guión: Gary Burns
  • Fotografía: Patrick McLaughlin
  • Montaje: Mark Lemmon
  • Producción: Gary Burns, John Hazlett


At a certain distance now, we could place Mr. Burns’ debut film at the crossroads between Slacker and 25 Watts. Like in Linklater’s film, here there’s twenty-some boredom and slick dialogues, funny dialogues, dialogues about girls, friends, jobs, or any other subject that might fill the unbearably comfortable emptiness of suburbia. Like in the Uruguayan film, the characters (two couples of friends on their way to buy pot, and three Arab musicians trying to recover their instruments) walk and drive through the city –the hyper clean Calgary, in many ways close to Seattle– and cross each while experiencing absurd situations (like burning a girl’s shoe with the cigarette ember and her yelling at them for money, or climbing into a garbage container and getting stoned for no reason), and finding other strange characters who are equally bored and narrate the absurd situations they went through. Minimal adventures, lots of good music and (did we mention it already?) dialogues tumbling out: Burns’ recipe for a comedy that is as Canadian as universal.

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