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Film info: Redes

Film Information

Original Title Redes
English Title The Wave
Directors Emilio Gómez Muriel
Fred Zinnemann
Year 1936
Format 35 mm
Colour B&W
Duration 61 min
  • Silvio Hernandez, David Valle Gonzalez, Rafael Hinojosa, Antonio Lara, Miguel Figueroa
  • Guión: Emilio Gómez Muriel, Fred Zinnemann, Henwar Rodakiewicz
  • Fotografía: Paul Strand
  • Montaje: Emilio Gómez Muriel, Gunther von Fritsch


A Mexican production directed by Austrian-Hungarian Fred Zinnemann and Mexican Emilio Gómez Muriel, this is a fishermen story from Veracruz about injustice, and the fight between the rich and the poor, with real fishermen among the actors (and so, it could set a perfect double feature with Barravento, Glauber Rocha’s first film). And it’s also a powerful social drama. Such power not only comes from the film’s theme, script, characters, and direction, but also we should note two unavoidable factors: one is Silvestre Revueltas’ original score; the other one is Paul Strand’s cinematography. Strand, who also directed films, was one of the key photographers of the 20th century and a pioneer of direct photography together with Alfred Stieglitz. In The Wave, Strand’s interest in social portraits, as well as his trained eye for painting, translates into very beautiful and shocking images. A photographer in the end, he often squeezes in the drama “nearly fixed” images of clouds and the ocean, in a counterpoint that enhances the film’s already vibrant editing.

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