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Film info: Beatriz González ¿Por qué llora si ya reí?

Film Information

Original Title Beatriz González ¿Por qué llora si ya reí?
English Title Beatriz González, Why Are You Crying?
Director Diego García Moreno
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 77 min
  • Guión: Diego García Moreno
  • Fotografía: Sergio García Moreno, Diego García Moreno
  • Montaje: Sebastián Hernández
  • Producción: Diego García Moreno


Active since the Seventies, Colombian artist Beatriz Gonzalez’s work runs with a surprisingly lucid determination through the angular threshold that separates art from political commentary. Her paintings, murals, and the monumental project of intervening the Bogota cemetery –the project covered by the film– seem to outline not just an investigation on Latin American tastes but also the proofs to back that idea of hers by which at one point (after the taking of the Justice Palace in 1985, where almost a hundred people died), Colombia was covered by a tragic cloak that makes any humor impossible. Diego García-Moreno follows with his camera this plastic story of a country that was broken in half, in the attempt of portraying the life and work of someone who –beyond any type of political or academic insight- still describes herself as a woman who paints “very sad things with very pretty colors”.

Date and Times

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