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Film info: L.A. Zombie

Film Information

Original Title L.A. Zombie
English Title L.A. Zombie
Director Bruce LaBruce
Year 2010
Format HD
Colour Color
Duration 62 min
  • Francois Sagat, Rocco Giovanni, Wolf Hudson, Eddie Diaz, Andrew James.
  • Guión: Bruce LaBruce
  • Fotografía: James Carman
  • Montaje: Jörn Hartmann
  • Producción: Bruce LaBruce, Arno Rok, Robert Felt, Maciek Dziekiewicz, Jürgen Brüning, Jörn Hartmann


The city of Los Angeles can combine within its borders the most varied forms of life. Although it lacks the worldwide recognition of New York, or Miami’s Latin American fascination for consumption, is still (as David Lynch demonstrated in Mulholland Dr.) a place where dreams are not only built, but also shattered and brought back as something else. Bruce LaBruce knows this, and so he decides that it will be on this city’s coasts where a living dead man will appear from the water like a god –and ever since The Terminator that we hadn’t seen such a fantastic appearance. To add more information, the living dead man is an alien zombie (gay porn star François Sagat) coming to stage a fest of blood, sex, and more blood. Funny, disgustingly sexual, and with a dose of social critique –those familiarized with the director know about his talent for connecting activism and wild sex–, L.A. Zombie provokes and excites its audience with “walking dead” who won’t just take steps, but generate a whole orgy of entertainment.

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