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Film info: Seesaw

Film Information

Original Title Seesaw
English Title Seesaw
Director Keihiro Kanyama
Year 2010
Colour Color
Duration 70 min
  • Maki Murakami, Keihiro Kanyama, SoRa, Keigo Oka
  • Guión: Keihiro Kanyama
  • Fotografía: Mizuki Nishida
  • Montaje: Mizuki Nishida, Yasuhiro Mutsuura
  • Producción: Mizuki Nishida, Keihiro Kanyama


Keihiro Kanyama’s first film, Seesaw fluidly portrays the life of a couple in their thirties –Makoto and Shinji– who seem to live in a sort of temporary limbo. As they try to move responsibly through their careers, their time off includes moments of group fun, lack of concerns, and festive drunkenness. On the other hand, their closest friends are about to get married, and they decide to take that step almost out of inertia. The couple’s daily life and its ups and downs go by smoothly without big passions or heavy arguments. And in that scenario, marriage doesn’t seem to be something that would really change their situation. The freedom with which the film handles the camera work and the actors’ improvisations manages to capture a wide range of nuances of intimacy and conjugal frailty. At least until the near-documentary mise en scène almost mysteriously gives way to a tragedy.

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