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Film info: Ivory Tower

Film Information

Original Title Ivory Tower
English Title Ivory Tower
Director Adam Traynor
Year 2010
Format Betacam
Colour Color
Duration 75 min
  • Chilly Gonzales, Tiga, Peaches, Feist
  • Guión: Céline Sciamma, Chilly Gonzales, Adam Traynor
  • Fotografía: Lee Towndrow
  • Montaje: Pauline Gaillard
  • Producción: Nicolas Kazamia


A sibling of the musical genre universe, here the filmmaker, the scriptwriter, and the cast are all professional musicians, and yet this debut film deals obsessively with chess. The worlds collide: Ivory Tower’s great invention is portraying the chess universe by using jazz improvisation rules, and provoking a very manic humor that’s obsessed with busting everything upside down through laughter. It’s a precise, wide-range bust that hits every target thanks to powerful acting performances: everyone does a good job in their roles…but Peaches and Jose “Chilly” Gonzalez kick ass. Yet the genius of this is also audiovisual: it ranges from long-duration shots to back-and-forth music video style, and mocks both the indie melodrama and sport film montage sequences, because Ivory Tower is also all that. But if there’s one thing that reveals this creative troupe’s passion for music is a crazy virtuosity placed at the service of a music clip as a way of self-parody. And that’s where the film shows its sharpest teeth, because there’s no truer comedy than the one capable of laughing at itself.

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