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Film info: A Problem with Fear

Film Information

Original Title A Problem with Fear
English Title
Director Gary Burns
Year 2003
Format 35 mm
Colour Color
Duration 92 min
  • Paulo Costanzo, Emily Hampshire, Camille Sullivan, Benjamin Ratner, Keegan Connor Tracy
  • Guión: Gary Burns, Donna Brunsdale
  • Fotografía: Stefan Ivanov
  • Montaje: Yvan Thibaudeau
  • Producción: Shirley Vercruysse, Luc Déry, George Baptist


A Problem with Fear’s main character Laurie seems, at first, like a nice chicken-shit close to Jack Nicholson’s ultra phobic character in As Good As It Gets, or Tony Shalhuob’s detective Monk. But that’s not the case, because as the camera follows this study-case for pathological fear (through elevators, escalators, subways, automatic doors, and many other places) his character becomes more strange and complex; and the story too, with changes of direction that plunge it into deeper and deeper waters. Because Laurie’s sister has designed a possible solution for the title’s troubled fear: an artifact capable of encouraging him to face whatever lies on his way. And then a different film begins: one even more paranoid, half way between espionage and science fiction, in which Laurie will end up deciding not only his future but the whole city’s. If Burns previous film seemed established on a predominantly comic territory, A Problem with Fear opens a gate into another dimension, not totally new but very exciting.


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