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Jury: Catalina Villar


Catalina Villar


Born in Bogota, Colombia, she lives in Paris since 1984. There, she graduated from the School of Social Sciences and studied film at La Fémis. She has directed, among others, the documentaries Les Parrains de la drogue (1995), Diario en Medellín (1998), Patricio Guzmán, une histoire chilienne (2001; showing at the Festival), Bienvenidos a Colombia (2002), Invente moi un pays (2005) and the fiction La Legende de la Mere Perdue (2005). Since 2000, she has been a professor at La Fémis, EICTV in Cuba and the Ateliers Varan, where with other professionals she organizes workshops in Europe and Latin America.

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