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11 Mon 2011



“Andrew Haigh is an emerging talent destined to become the main event,” read the title of the English newspaper The Guardian after his successful participation—in more ways than one—with Weekend, the second film by this young English director, at the multidisciplinary festival South by Southwest 2011. Only a month after winning the “Emerging Visions” audience award, earning critical acclaim, and signing for distribution in the United States through the prestigious company IFC Sundance Selects, Weekend arrives in Buenos Aires. Today, Monday, at 11.00pm at Arteplex Belgrano (also on Thursday 14 at 3.30pm), BAFICI presents this atypical romantic comedy that depicts the weekend that two English young men spend together. As simple and complex as that.

“I always wanted to make sure that the film was honest about being gay, and didn’t make it more palatable. I just wanted to make sure the story felt like it could be anybody but also deal with specific gay concerns,” said Haigh, who announced the arrival of his film in Buenos Aires on his website. “I would really like to be there,” wrote this talented British young director, whom everyone will speak highly of. Once again, BAFICI shows it to you first.

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