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13 Wed 2011



At the end of today, Wednesday, BAFICI has a fine musical event in store for film lovers. At 10.30pm (at the auditorium of the Meeting Point), as part of the “Little Night Music” concert series, it will be the time to see Acorazado Potemkin, the band composed of Juan Pablo Fernández, Luciano Esain and Federico Ghazarossian (photo). A while before that, with tickets sold out, there will be a screening of the documentary ¿Qué sois ahora?, by Mariano Goldgrob and Gustavo Galuppo, about the history and dissolution of Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes, a unique Argentine rock band from the nineties whose singer and lyric writer was, precisely, Fernández.

“The idea of this film is born from that silent separation and, even though I am a late listener of their songs, Reincidentes blew my mind away; and it combined with my eagerness to make a documentary about some cult band of the ‘90s,” told Mariano Goldgrob to the national news agency Telam. Qué sois ahora? (the title also corresponds to a band’s album, perhaps the most memorable) has raised extraordinary expectations at this Festival: the film has sold out its screening for Friday 15 at 10.45pm. However, there is a last opportunity to see it, on Saturday 16 at 2.00pm.

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