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14 Thu 2011



Witold Gombrowicz is universally recognized as one of the major twentieth-century writers. Although he lived 24 years in Argentina, where he did most of his writing, his ouvre continues to be overlooked, relatively unknown, and regarded as cult. The exiled Polish writer who left an imprint in Buenos Aires is the main protagonist—through the testimonies of his disciples, friends and followers—of Gombrowicz, la Argentina y yo, by Alberto Yaccelini, which will be screened today, Thursday, at 7.00pm at the Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA). On Sunday 17 at 12.30pm at Hoyts Abasto, there will be another opportunity to see this subtle ensemble documentary about the Argentine passage and the work by Gombrowicz.

The film’s director, Alberto Yaccelini (also editor), has lived in Paris since 1974 and his documentary works (including Single, Jockey d’obstacle and Volvoreta) are among the most creative within the genre. The documentary features Alejandro Rússovich, Rodolfo Rabanal, Miguel Grinberg, Juan José Sáer, Antonio Dal Masetto and Jorge Goldenberg among others.

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