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15 Fri 2011



An interesting exercise of exploration and portrayal of social themes made by German documentary maker Thomas Heise in Río Blanquito, Salta, 18 kilometers away from Orán, at the foot of the Andes. That’s where Solar System was filmed, the project funded by the Goethe Institut on the occasion of the Argentine Bicentennial under the concept of “German Visions of Latin America.” The film, which was given such title because—the director says—is “universal, about landscapes and seasons, beginnings and endings,” will be screened today, Friday, at 6.30pm at Arteplex Belgrano. Tickets are on sale at www.festivales.gob.ar and at the movie theatre.

Heise’s documentary narrates the stories of Ramona and Viviano, who live by the seasons in the mountains; and many other simple characters who certainly remain uncontaminated by the problems of modern urban life. “I would like to come back, let’s say… in seven years, and see what has happened, ” affirmed Heise. “I’d like to put a camera in the hands of the young people of the town to get an inside view of the beauty, the contradictions and the conflicts of their lives in the Andes, the friction between tradition and modern times.”

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