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15 Fri 2011



Today, Friday, at 10.00pm, the last concert of the “Little Night Music” series will take place at the Meeting Point Auditorium, with the performance of Malyevados (photo), a quartet that plays tango as well as other music styles composed of Alejo Villadino (guitar, accordion and vocals), Claudio Rinaldi (guitar and keyboards), Santiago Pedroncini (trumpet, banjo and ukulele) and Antonio Oyuela (bandoneón and backing vocals). They will close the 2011 fine music concert series, which has always gathered an enthusiastic and loyal audience, and featured a varied and interesting line-up of artists: from Miss Bolivia’s reggae-cumbia, to The Supersonicos’ surf rock, through Sergio Pangaro’s decadent glamour, among others.

“Malyevados started out making tango. We liked the classic style of 1920’s tango songs with guitars. Some lyric writers such as Manzi, Expósito, García Jiménez and Celedonio Flores kept us busy trying to reach closer to their songs,” describe the band members on their myspace profile. From that beginning of pure tango, the group turned to other styles with the same intense dramatic quality (so to speak): waltz, fado, “stories of passion, sadness, joy, encounters and goodbyes” as they describe it.

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